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Descriptive Attribute Value(s)
Monument ID 63
Monument Specific Findspot Note built into house of Ante Jeličić
Publication Citation BD-VAHD (51) 1930-1934
Date Found or Published Precision Note pre 1930
Monument Type altar
Monument Of Seventh Legion yes
Inscription D(is) M(anibus) / L(ucio) Septimio / Gratiano / mil(iti) leg(ionis) / VII Cl(audiae) exac/to co(n)s(ularis) v[i]/xit ann(os) XXII[II] / d(ies) XI Genia/lis Aug(usti) n(ostri) lib(ertus) / et Apuleia / Salvia filio / karissimo / pos(uerunt)
Translation To the Manes, Lucius Septimius Gratianus, soldier of the 7th legion Claudia, notary of the Consul, who lived for 24 years and 11 days. Genialis, a freedman of our Augustus, and Apuleia Salvia, for their dearest son, set this up.
Translation Source Coopey, edit of Tončinić 2011
Portrait no portrait
Date From 171
Date To 230
Tončinić 2011 Stelae Type altar
ModernHolding Arheološki muzej u Splitu/Archaeological Museum in Split
HoldingData INV. No. AMS-39549
DBInclusionReason the soldier mentioned was working under a legate in Dalmatia long after Legio VII had moved to Viminacium. The dating is based on the name of his father (which dates to the Septimi) and the use of the reduced 'cpf' title - 'c(laudia)'
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Ewan Coopey, Brian Ballsun-Stanton. (2024) "Monument 63 from Europe/Croatia/Gornji Muć". In Community and Identity in the Roman Seventh Legion. Ewan Coopey, Brian Ballsun-Stanton (Ed). Released: In prep. Open Context. <>

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