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Descriptions (18)

Descriptive Variable Value(s)
Period Unknown Indian
Significance Unknown
Site Type Prehistoric Indian Lithic Scatter
Field number 9AT(DOT)6
Location accuracy High
Coordinate system NAD 1927 Zone 17N
Deleted No
Preservation Prospects Endangered
Public Status Unknown
Endangered By Department of Transportation
Preservation State Graded
Supervisor W.R. BOWEN
Investigation Date 1980-04-08
Affiliation Georgia Department of Transportation
Artifacts Collected CHERT DEBITAGE
Location of Collections Georgia Department of Transportation
Location of Documentation Georgia Department of Transportation
Gnahrgis id 35239

Descriptions (3)

Descriptive Variable Value(s)
Smithsonian Trinomial Identifier 9AT31
Sortable Trinomial 9AT00031
Variant Trinomial Expression(s)
  • 9-AT-31
  • 9-AT-00031

Annotations (1)

Property or Relation Value(s)
Has period
[Standard: Digital Index of North American Archaeology Vocabulary]
Unknown Indian
[Standard: Open Context :: Georgia Archaeological Site File (GASF)]
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