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Descriptive Attribute Value(s)
Material Ceramic
Date 2001-08-10
High elevation 573.18
Context post-publication change!! Had duplicate KT number [old KT=H1.1003.1012]; reassigned new KT during study season: em. 8-2-03
Measurements 6.3g 19mm diam x 22mm wide
Small find Yes
Remarks small bi-conical spindle whorl / weaving implement NOTE: H1.1003.1 IS SAME AS SMALL FIND PUBLISHED AS H1.1003.1012 IN SMALL FINDS REPORT 2001 AND ANATOLICA ARTLCLE (?)
Bag Description small ceramic weaving implement (more likely) or miniature wagon wheel (less likely?); hand-formed bi-conical disk with greater diameter at mid-section; tapers to funnel-shaped tips creating an 'axel' like shape with a hole punched laterally through the center. The wobbly surface, especially on the outer edge around the circumference, shows wear; parts of the edge are flattened and lighter in color than the conical 'faces' of the object. NB: THIS OBJECT WAS PUBLISHED IN THE 2001 SMALL FINDS REPORT AS H1.1003.1012 "A small ceramic wheel (KT1012) was recovered from trench H1, Locus 1003. This crudely formed 6.3g wheel measures 19mm in diameter with funnel-shaped sides forming an axle measuring 22mm wide. The very pale brown (Munsell 10YR 7/4) wobbly surface has a highly visible chaff temper. The outer edge around the circumference shows wear; parts of the edge are flattened and lighter in color than the faces of the wheel." THIS OBJECT WAS ASSIGNED SAME KT AS BAG OF POTTERY; UNCLEAR WHETHER THIS SMALL FIND WAS PULLED FROM POTTERY READING (UNLIKELY). MORE LIKELY THAT OBJECT CAME TO DIGHOUSE AS A SEPARATE OBJECT. NONETHELESS, THE DUPLICATE KT PROBLEM WAS FIXED BY ASSIGNING NEW KT H1.1003.1 TO THIS SMALL FIND. exterior: 10YR 7/4 very pale brown exterior has highly visible chaff temper NB: fabric not readable w/o damaging object
Has note Finds Bags, or KT bags, are groups of artifacts of the same material composition excavated from a locus. Each finds bag may contain a number of finds but finds are always separated by material. Thus, ceramics, bones and lithics excavated from the same locus were given separate numbers and were collected in separate bags. A special category is the "small find," which could be of any material. Small finds are generally speaking rare or exceptional finds such as figurines, loom weights, andirons or worked bone tools. Small finds are given separate numbers and are bagged separately. Finds bags could consist of only one plastic bag of material and could only be excavated on a single day.
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Eleanor Moseman. (2012) "Finds Bag 1 from Asia/Turkey/Kenan Tepe/Area H/Trench 1/Locus 1003". In Kenan Tepe. Bradley Parker, Peter Cobb (Ed). Released: 2012-03-28. Open Context. <> ARK (Archive):

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