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Descriptive Variable Value(s)
Label 97-P-8
Year 1997
Cat Number 8
Comment *Late Roman equivalent of terra sigillata
Year (text) 1997
Munsell 10R5/8 red
Material Ceramic
Cat ID 97-P-8
Object *North African red-slipped ware
Width 5.28
Description Originally found upside down and broken into several pieces. The design consists of concentric circles interlarded with feathers, and is encircled with incised ridges. A suggested date of 2nd c. CE has been posited. An exact date is difficult as production was not as centralized or technically sophisticated as that of terra sigillata (Greene 1992:30)
Display Date 2-viii
Day 2
Month VII
Frame 10
Sequence 47414
Thickness 0.62
Cat_arabic_month 8
Culture Number 3
Cat Type Full Pottery
Diagnostic N.African red-slip
Cat Month VIII
Roll 37
Condition Fair
Length 9.54
Culture Roman

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Deirdre Barrett, Leigh-Ann Bedal. "97-P-8(644) from Jordan/Petra Great Temple/Temple/Trench 47/Locus 16". (2007) In Petra Great Temple Excavations. Martha Sharp Joukowsky (Ed.) . Released: 2007-11-11. Open Context. <> ARK (Archive):

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