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Descriptive Variable Value(s)
Hodder Level Designation(s) TRENCH 5.CHALCOLITHIC
Recording Assessed:3
Year 2009
Description X1 (+ F10, F11) is an articulated medium equid distal sesamoid, second and third phalanx. This is a fill layer from space 342, immediately underlying (16896) and overlying (18311) and (18328). The nature of the distinction between these fills is open to question: the excavators originally considered the current unit a continuation of (16896), with subsequent layers representing surfaces within the room fill. Since fairly fresh pottery refits were found between (16896) and (18328), however, it now seems more likely that the deposits represent a rapid succession of dumps with only very brief pauses between them. The faunal unit is small, at perhaps 150 specimens, but these are from only 90 litres. As with the other fills from this space so far studied, caprines (and sheep-sized material) dominate overwhelmingly – in this case, there are three cattle-sized long bone splinters, but everything else could be sheep or goat. Body-part representation is as even as can be expected given the small sample, with upper and lower limbs, heads, feet, and vertebral column all represented. Fragmentation matches the other fills in this area, with many complete small bones and intact articular ends – even a complete mandible – but a relatively small modal length for shaft fragments – 30-40mm. Surface condition is mostly stage 3 (‘slightly weathered’) but with perhaps 10% at stage 2 (‘very slightly weathered’). As usual, there is minimal evidence for carnivore action, with just a few gnawed and digested pieces. Burning is also rare, with around 5% of fragments carbonized. Overall, the condition and composition of the material support the assumption that it is more-or-less stratigraphically identical to (16896) from 2008. The two units appear to be a dump of fresh material, taking place over a short period of time, although probably not relating to a single consumption event. DZ count: Ovis/Capra – 13.5 (of which 6.5 Ovis, 1 Capra, rest indet.)
Recorded By (initials) DCO
Recorded By (name) David Orton
Date Recorded 2009-08-27
The unique identifier for each contextual unit, matching those used in the central Çatalhöyük excavation database and in publications. The excavation uses single-context recording.

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David Orton. "Unit 18309 from Turkey/Çatalhöyük/Mound West/Trench 5". (2013) In Çatalhöyük Zooarchaeology. David Orton, Nerissa Russell, Katheryn Twiss, Louise Martin, Sheelagh Frame (Eds.) . Released: 2013-08-16. Open Context. <> ARK (Archive):

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