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Descriptive Variable Value(s)
Material burned limestone
Location Philadelphia
Weight (g) 289.6
Height (cm) 3.6
Length (cm) 10.5
Width (cm) 3.7
Weight Type sphendonoid
Detail round ends, no base
Units (inferred) 40.0
Condition ends broken, loss ca. 10%
Card data weight; Stone, in the shape of a roller. Weight: 289.3 grams, Limestone, determined by Prof. A.P.Brown in 1906.
New Description slightly flat on one side, but may not be intentionsl. Dark stone looks burned. Rounded ends both broken away by flaking/spalling. Scratches across surface, much smoothing. Used as pestle?
Comments gift of sultan
Photo B12492.JPG
Not weight? False
Inscribed? False
Broken? True
Weighed by Hafford
Precision? False
British Museum object type measuring weight
Property or Relation Value(s)
Consists of
[Standard: CIDOC-CRM]
[Standard: British Museum Thesaurus]
Has type
[Standard: CIDOC-CRM]
[Standard: British Museum Thesaurus]
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William B. Hafford. "Cat # B12492 from Iraq/Nippur/Area not known". (2013) In Balance Pan Weights from Nippur. William B. Hafford (Ed.) . Released: 2013-10-08. Open Context. <>

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