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Descriptive Variable Value(s)
Hodder Level Designation(s) TRENCH 5.CHALCOLITHIC
Recording Fully recorded
Year 2011
Description This is another arbitrary fill layer from space 340, underlying (15366) and overlying (15386). The faunal unit is a moderate size at around 200 fragments - representing a much higher density than seen in (15366) - this is also noted by the excavator. Condition and composition is broadly similar, however. The material is generally in relatively poor condition and looks redeposited, with a lot of dark staining and moderate amounts of burning, gnawing, and digestion. Unlike some fills higher up within the space, there is no separation into fresh and reworked fractions - rather, the unit looks homogenously reworked. Over 90% of the material is sheep-sized - representing caprines where determinate - but there are also a few scrap pieces from larger animals, plus a single fragmentary equid tooth, one tiny splinter of antler, a dog petrious, and five human bones (three phalanges, a patella, and a petrous). Five of the sheep-sized bones are fetal/neonatal, representing at least two individuals of different ages. Body part representation is fairly even, allowing for differential survival. The assemblage is highly fragmentary, with only a handful of bones >50mm and the median size probably under 30mm. The ratio of Ids to scrap is actually fairly high - perhaps 1:2 - but there are very few intact articular ends or small bones.
Recorded By (initials) DCO
Recorded By (name) David Orton
Date Recorded 2012-07-30
The unique identifier for each contextual unit, matching those used in the central Çatalhöyük excavation database and in publications. The excavation uses single-context recording.

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David Orton. "Unit 15374 from Turkey/Çatalhöyük/Mound West/Trench 5". (2013) In Çatalhöyük Zooarchaeology. David Orton, Nerissa Russell, Katheryn Twiss, Louise Martin, Sheelagh Frame (Eds.) . Released: 2013-08-16. Open Context. <> ARK (Archive):

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