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Recording Fully recorded
Year 2003
Description This is a small unit of light to medium brown bone. Most of the material is scrap, particularly long bone shaft fragments. The edges are slightly worn down, but not trampled or polished. About 5% of the material is burnt. There are very few digesed bones. There is one young equid pubis, but most of the diangnostics are fragments of lower sheep/goat legs and feet. Flot. Smpl 2, (5622), >4mm, 100%, fully recorded. The flot sample is dense than many west mound samples. It is mised light to medium/dark brown, with many small fragments, both long bone and unidentifiable. About 3% of the material is burnt, and there is almost no digestion. The number of small unidentifiable pieces with old breaks suggests some movement of material, but there is not a lot of abrasion or polish. The diagnostics are as usual sheep goat feet. Overall, but particulary the flot, the material is like a denser then usual (for west) building fill, perhaps a bit more mixed, but it is not surface or speicalis use area.
Recorded By (initials) SAF
Recorded By (name) Sheelagh Frame
Date Recorded 2006-08-06
The unique identifier for each contextual unit, matching those used in the central Çatalhöyük excavation database and in publications. The excavation uses single-context recording.

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Sheelagh Frame. "Unit 7763 from Turkey/Çatalhöyük/Mound West/Trench 1". (2013) In Çatalhöyük Zooarchaeology. David Orton, Nerissa Russell, Katheryn Twiss, Louise Martin, Sheelagh Frame (Eds.) . Released: 2013-08-16. Open Context. <> ARK (Archive):

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