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LBA-IA Ceramic Compositional Data from Troy

Documentation of Neutron Activation Analysis (NAA) Dataset for Late Bronze Age - Iron Age Ceramics and Sediments from Troy - Hisarlık, Çanakkale Province, northwestern Turkey

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This Neutron Activation Analysis (NAA) dataset is based on ceramics from Late Bronze and Iron Age archaeological contexts at Troy-Hisarlık, and sediments from within a 10 km radius of the site. Results show a clear distinction between sediment-defined local and non-local ceramic compositional groups. In addition to two previously identified discrete local ceramic resources we confirm a third local resource for a major class of EIA handmade wares and cooking pots. This third source appears to derive from a residual resource on the Troy peninsula (rather than adjacent alluvial valleys). The presence of a group of large and heavy pithoi among the non-local groups raises questions about their regional or maritime origin.

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This dataset was used in the following study:

Grave, P., et al. (2013). "Cultural dynamics and ceramic resource use at Late Bronze Age/Early Iron Age Troy, northwestern Turkey." Journal of Archaeological Science 40(4): 1760-1777.


This international collaborative project was made possible through the financial support of the National Science Foundation (grants BCS-0410220 and 0513403) and the Australian Research Council (grant DP0558992). Santa Clara University funded the publishing of these data on Open Context.

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Peter Grave, Lisa Kealhofer, Pavol Hnila, Ben Marsh, Carolyn Aslan, Diane Thumm-Dograyan, Wendy Rigter. "LBA-IA Ceramic Compositional Data from Troy". (2020) Peter Grave, Lisa Kealhofer, Pavol Hnila, Ben Marsh, Carolyn Aslan, Diane Thumm-Dograyan, Wendy Rigter (Eds.) . Released: 2020-02-15. Open Context. <> DOI:

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