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Project Label Date and Editorial Status Lead Persons Description
Barçın Höyük Zooarchaeology


Managing editor reviewed

Alfred Galik

Zooarchaeology of Neolithic Phases at Barçın Höyük, Turkey

Aegean Archaeomalacology



Canan Çakırlar

Mollusk Shells in Troia, Yenibademli, and Ulucak: An Archaeomalacological Approach to Environment and Economy in the Aegean

Chogha Mish Fauna



Levent Atici, Sarah W. Kansa, Justin SE. Lev-Tov

Zooarchaeological observations from Prehistoric and Achaemenid levels at Chogha Mish, Iran.

Corneal Ulceration in South East Asia


Demonstration, Minimal editorial acceptance

Mathuiah Srinivasan, John P. Whitcher

Epidemiology and Etiology of Corneal Ulcers in South India

Lake Carlos Beach Site, 1992 and 1996


Managing editor reviewed

State of Minnesota, Department of Natural Resources, Division of Parks and Recreation, Minnesota State Parks Cultural Resource Management Program staff

Descriptions and provenience information for 7837 artifacts

Pınarbaşı 1994: Animal Bones


Managing editor reviewed

Denise Carruthers

Analysis of faunal remains from prehistoric contexts at Pınarbaşı in central Turkey

Hayonim: Micromorphology


Demonstration, Minimal editorial acceptance

Paul Goldberg

Micromorphology samples from Mousterian, Kebaran, Natufian, and Byzantine contexts at Hayonim, Israel

Hazor: Zooarchaeology


Managing editor reviewed

Justin Lev-Tov

Zooarchaeological observations for Late Bronze Age and Iron Age Hazor, Israel

Harvard Peabody Mus. Zooarchaeology


Minimal editorial acceptance

Levent Atici, Richard Meadow

Harvard Peabody Museum Zooarchaeology Laboratory Reference Collection

Presidio of San Francisco


Managing editor reviewed

[Still in development]

Ongoing investigations of El Presidio de San Francisco and other archaeological resources at the Presidio of San Francisco

Petra Great Temple Excavations


Managing editor reviewed

Martha Sharp Joukowsky

Brown University Excavations at the Great Temple of Petra, Jordan

Domuztepe Excavations


Managing editor reviewed

Stuart Campbell, Elizabeth Carter

Excavations of a Late Neolithic site in south-central Turkey

Khirbat al-Mudayna al-Aliya


Editorial board reviewed

Bruce Routledge, Benjamin Porter

Investigations of an Early Iron Age site in a semi-arid zone in west-central Jordan

Paleoethnobotany at Early Iron Age Khirbat al-Mudayana al-'Aliya (KMA)


In preparation, draft-stage

[Still in development]

Data used in an analysis of the paleoethnobotanical material from Khirbat al-Mudayana al-'Aliya, central Jordan

Osteometric Database of South American Camelids


In preparation, draft-stage

Mariana Mondini, A. Sebastián Muñoz, Pablo M Fernández, Sarah Whitcher Kansa

Conjunto de datos métricos de huesos de camélidos sudamericanos reunidos en una base de datos colectivamente construida

Çatalhöyük Area TP Zooarchaeology


Managing editor reviewed

Arek Marciniak

Faunal Data from Area TP of Çatalhöyük, Turkey