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Zooarchaeological Data from the Historic Hacienda El Progreso San Cristóbal Island, Galápagos, Ecuador


Managing editor reviewed

Peter W Stahl

Database of 25,492 archaeofaunal specimens recovered from 13 excavation units in four locales throughout the town of El Progreso, San Cristóbal Island, Galápagos Province

Charcoal Hearths along the Blue Mountain of Pennsylvania


Managing editor reviewed

Benjamin Carter

Identification of historic charcoal hearths in the landscape of the Blue Mountain via analysis of LiDAR

Defined Periods
19th Century

Mikt’sqaq Angayuk Finds


Managing editor reviewed

Patrick Saltonstall, Mark Rusk, Fanny Ballantine-Himberg, Amy V. Margaris

Finds catalog from Mikt’sqaq Angayuk, an historic Alutiiq settlement of the early 19th century, Alaska

The animal bones found in Vatnsvik, lake Þingvallavatn, Iceland


Managing editor reviewed

[Still in development]

A collection of 15 animal bones from horse and cattle, including two bone artefacts found underwater close to the remains of a boat dated to 1482-1646 CE

Presidio of San Francisco


Managing editor reviewed

[Still in development]

Ongoing investigations of El Presidio de San Francisco and other archaeological resources at the Presidio of San Francisco

Traces in the Lost Landscape


Managing editor reviewed

Grace Karskens, Georgia Burnett, Shawn Ross

Aboriginal archaeological sites, Nepean River and contiguous areas in New South Wales, Australia

San Diego Archaeological Center



San Diego Archaeological Center

Collections maintained by the San Diego Archaeological Center

Baptizing Spring Zooarchaeological Data


Editorial board reviewed

[Still in development]

Zooarchaeological specimen records from the Baptizing Spring site (08SU65), Florida (Florida Museum, University of Florida, Environmental Archaeology Program accession #0221)