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Faunal Data from Neolithic Menteşe


In preparation, draft-stage

Lionel Gourichon, Daniel Helmer

Zooarchaeology data for Neolithic Menteşe Höyük, a site in NW Anatolia

Ilıpınar Zooarchaeology


Managing editor reviewed

Hijlke Buitenhuis

This dataset contains faunal data recorded by Hijlke Buitenhuis from the site of Ilıpınar, Turkey

Çatalhöyük Zooarchaeology



David Orton, Nerissa Russell, Katheryn Twiss, Louise Martin, Sheelagh Frame

Faunal data from Neolithic Çatalhöyük and Chalcolithic Çatalhöyük West, Konya, Turkey.

Erbaba Höyük and Suberde Zooarchaeology


Managing editor reviewed

Benjamin S. Arbuckle

Faunal data from Erbaba Höyük, Turkey, supplemented by additional data from Suberde

Çatalhöyük Area TP Zooarchaeology


Managing editor reviewed

Arek Marciniak

Faunal Data from Area TP of Çatalhöyük, Turkey

Zooarchaeology of Neolithic Ulucak



Canan Çakırlar

Zooarchaeology of a portion of the vertebrate remains from Ulucak Höyük's Neolithic layers