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Image Preview: Fig. 63_1 from Asia/Jordan/Jarash/Mosque ID 63
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Caption The Friday mosque of Jarash. Plan of the Phase 2 mosque located at the south crossroads on the west bank of the Wādī Jarash. This rebuilt second phase of the mosque was characterised by, firstly, the construction of a square minaret in the northeast corner and, later, the separation of spaces by internal walling. Dates indicate building phases, not necessarily occupational
Credit Rune Rattenborg and the Danish-Jordanian Islamic Jarash Project, incorporating material by Hugh Barnes, Ian Simpson, Michał Gawlikowski, W.D. Merrill and C.H. Kraeling, and with modifications by Alan Walmsley
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Rune Rattenborg. (2021) "Fig. 63_1 from Asia/Jordan/Jarash/Mosque ID 63". In Early Islamic Mosques Database. Hagit Nol (Ed). Released: 2021-11-14. Open Context. <>

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