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Summary Agger 9 (see plan p 87)


Summary Agger 9

The southern corner of the complex was excavated. A rextangular room, 9.7x6.1m was exposed by removing the agger. The room walls are approx 1.2m wide. The eastern NS wall (Ag9A) stops 6.5m from the SE interior angle of the room & ends in a finished edge which goes from W to E for .9m. Its connrction with the major EW wall is unclear because of the mixture with agger stones. An entrance 1.55m insideĀ could then be formed. A definite edge for the northern part of the opening was not found. In

the entrance way in its western 3rd are a group of stones, perhaps from the agger or part of a threshold through the former seems more probable.

The floor level in the room is somewhat uneven and rises in the center 3.5m from the EW wall of agger 5 and 3m from the eastern NS wall of agger9. The pavement consists of tarnish earth packed down & all small stones which serve as a bedding. Above the pavement were found a rather heavy tile layer with some pottery, a few architectural terracottas. etc (see p 35) similar to that in other rooms on the western flank beneath the agger, then the agger fill & finally the agger capping stones for the pottery see p 35.

The EW wall joins up with the long southern wall of the complex & there the room marks the SW corner of the complex on the eastern side of Agger 9 in the ext is another room where dimensions are not conflicting clear at their point. The EW wall itself is 1.2m wide except where stones apear to have fallen from the actual foundation & ten the width increases to 1.35m. The inside angle where their EW wall of sectionA appears to be at a slightly lower depth, approx 20-25cm below, then therest of this room is 6.3m. Its length is uncertain: it either continues into T6Ā  forms a large room 10m long or it stops at the end of 4.2m where the edge of a wall

can be made out. Since this latter wall seems to be below the floor level, it more likely goes with the lower parallel wall of section A (see p 84). Further excavation is necessary to assertain their exact relationship. The northern EW wall, likewise joining with the other major EW wall on the south side of the complex is 1.2m wide (again fallen rocks) which perhaps belongs to an earlier lower wall possibly connecting up with the wall in excavated in the first season. See BM, bk 1. Between their lower EW wall nd the one defining the northern line of the

southern part of the complex, the NS wall of Agger 9a seems to have had an entrance (see p 86, 88)

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