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July 30, 1971

Excavation of T9 continued today in three section: 1) T9 N-R 3-7 where the work continued down to c60 cm or to the base of the flat rocks north of the wall and on clearning down tot he "bedrock" south of the wall; 2) polishing the wall from its bestwen beginning; and 3) the second layer in T9.

As digging went on in T9 N-R 3-7, the rock layer to the north of the wall, similar to that to the south, appeared more like a stone fill than bedrock, especially since hte nice small finds are made at its surface and within it. Moreover, between the two flat rocks in grids N-O the rocks cease in an abrupt line. Also, the wall does not rest directly on these rocks but on the earth over them, while tiles are incorporated in it, particularly visibly in grid O. The

finds included good quality bucchero fragments )as a piece of stamped ware), a sprindle whorl with desgin, many fairly scattered pieces of a red painted find pinkware from beneath the jutting out of the flat rock in P3 and among the rocks taken up in O-P, several rochetti, and a bronze pin.

The finds from T9\', the 1 1/2 m wide strip to thenorth of the wall, yielded on the contrary mostly tiles rather than pottery and other small finds. Much time was spent removing terracotta pieces from the second layer in mainly grids 5-6, so that the anticipated flat rocks have not been revealed. The important discovery was of a ridgepole tile with a hold in the center and parallel flanges sticking up in a double row, presumably on both sides of the hole. Another

discovery from the same area 5-6 was of an inscribed cover tile in 4 pieces, still another a large pan tile with the unusualy right angle (rather than sloping) rim paralleling tiles found in T9 in 1969.




  • Find #3
  • T9 N3 60 cm down
  • bronze pin, incised, broken both ends






  • Find #10
  • T9 Q4 c50 cm down
  • Pink on grey ware rochetto with stamped concentric circle desgin


  • Find #11
  • T9\' 3-4 2nd layer
  • In many pieces, ridgepole tile with center hole and flanking double flanges, see p 92 find #1


  • Find #12
  • T9\' 5 35cm down
  • 4 joining pieces of pan tile with inscribed letter preserving one end and 2 sides


  • Find #13
  • T9\' 5 c 35cm down
  • 4 rims joins of large square rimmed pan tile found lying atop each other (1 piece lost, in carrying down to car?)
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