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July 23, 1980


We work in rect 22, beginning a new cut which we shall call the rock cut because of the rock fall or packing lying in it digging down   cm in quadrants C-E 3 thus to   cm below the west wall; also in T25, extending cut 4 now northward from the wall in quadrants beta-delta 13-15.  This cut is ca. 35cm deep.

In rect 22 the soil is burn above as previously encountered.  Below the dark soil is purer humus with some carbonized matter but no deteriorated plaster or other matter, yellow, red or pink.  Indeed the heavier burn appears to be thin or absent in many places.  Pottery continues to appear in large quantity and variety, including heavy corase and thin, even painted, fine wares - buff and bucchero included.  A few pieces of bronze slag, of plaster and of ile appear, and some small pieces of bone.  From this area note the sherd # 6 and a slingstone # 4.  For photos

In T25 he soil of this eastern part of the south secion is heavily mixed with yellow matter and grey clay but otherwise similar to the burn further west.  Here the charcoal occurs in larger, distince bits not particles or small bits.  Pottery profuse and varied but with a high proportion of fine wares, often cups in bucchero or buff and some decorated ( #'s       ); heavy coarseware too is frequent including some great pithos fragments.  Among the predominant impasto are numerous delicate and well finished fragments - often very large, some with traces of burning.  Bone is frequent and often large, tile and plaster are also well-represented.








  • Find # 10
  • T 25 omega 15
  • Bucchero sherd with incised pattern, floral chain?


  • Find # 12
  • T25 omega 14
  • Cut 4
  • Rim-body fragment from light orange impasto bowl with incised "X" on exterior, burned partially




  • Find # 15
  • T25 Beta 13
  • Cut 4
  • Fragment of burnt bucchero (?) vessel, body and strap handle with stamped guilloche pattern on handle base, fan pattern nearby


We work on pottery in the magazzino and continue our first break-down and summary of the pottery.

Found in cleaning or examination:


  • Find # 1
  • AG-X EE-FF
  • 0-Z
  • Several joining fragments of a deep, flat-bottomed impasto bowl with plain rim.  Full profile


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