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July 19, 2001

Week 3 Summary

There was a rock grouping in the N side of the artificial baulk between NW & SW and we decided that would be a new locus because that had a lot of determinants of a surface. (L4022) Also we decided that rocks coming to the false W baulk from N is another locus because they were forming a line and quite a big grouping there. (L2023) Then we cut the baulk between NE and SE 1/4 of the trench to see the continuation of the rock grouping there and it was really continuing so that is L 4024. Then we decided that the rock grouping under the L4018 is also different so it is L4025.

And the surface next to L4021 is another surface with pottery sitting on it that has a locus # 4026. L4027 is the oven itself under the L4004 feature. But we couldn’t find the walls very much. L4028 was the other rock grouping under the E baulk that we took out immediately after we took the photographs. L4029 is the fill over the surface that we started to follow from the W side of the trench to the E side. (over L 4026) Then the wall that we found in the E side of the trench became L4030. L4031 is the oven itself under the L4020 that was well preserved and quite deep.

To summarize we spend some time on articulation and at the same time we sound some surfaces and some walls in the trench after taking the spider photograph we took out the pedestaled rocks from the former week. Then we started to continue articulating the surfaces to identify their relationships with the other features and especially with the locus L4030 which is a huge mud brick wall cut by some former loci.

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Has note The purpose of the daily journal was to record the activities taking place in a trench each day. This included which loci were excavated, how and why loci were excavated and the ongoing impressions of the relationships among loci. It should be noted that journals record the actions, impressions and ideas of trench supervisors during the excavations. They are not, therefore, the final interpretations or syntheses of the emerging data.
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