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Daily Log Entry for 25 June 2009



LAID OUT BASE LINE AND MASTER GRID COORDINATES W/ JON LANNON. TWO STAKES WERE PLANTED AT (150E, 38S) & (130E, 38S). THE BASE LINES WERE 138E & 38S. PER TONY'S INSTRUCTIONS T-56 as a 2x3 m. trench was laid out 1 meter south of SF  4 and 2 meters west of T-55. The trench was laid via triangulation from the base lines. The ground was cleared of any remaining debris in preparation for opening photos. Opening photos were taken right before lunch. A datum point of 29.99 m in elevation was established w/ the transit. Another datum point of 28 m was established with measuring tape.


Took opening elevations. Found from Ed Clark that we are excavating in the area of last year's dirt dump. Completed two pick passes in the northern half of the trench (1 in northernmost .75 m & another in the next .75 m). The depth of the pick pass was ca. 5 cm, because according to Ed, we are excavating a former dirt dump.

Soil is typical of modern layers on the hill. The soil is dark brown (10 YR 4/3 brown, moist, dry reading is not possible due to recent rain on the hill) with lots of organic material. About 3 cm beneath the surface, there seems to be a layer of leaves, only partially decomposed. It is thick enough so that the soil above it almost \x93pancakes\x94 and comes up in large chunks when picked. There was a very little amount of small (under 3 cm in diameter) terracotta. One larger fragment was found, ca. 5x3 cm. At the end of the day, closing elevations were taken. Also, some rocks, (ca. 10-15 cm long) are scattered through the northern half of the trench.

Trench Layout

(see diagram on page 15 of JRV-II)


NW Corner: 54 BD = 28.44 m abs elev

NE Corner: 46 BD = 28.52 m abs elev

SE Corner: 77 BD = 28.21 m abs elev

SW Corner: 67 BD = 28.31 m abs elev

Center: 67 BD = 28.31 m abs elev


NW Corner: 60 cm BD = 28.38 m abs elev

NE Corner: 67 cm BD = 28.31 m abs elev

Center: 68 cm BD = 28.30 m abs elev

SW & SE corner elevations not taken since we did not pick there.


Terracotta: Locus 1 5 pcs

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