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Began morning by preparing the trench for opening locus 2 . Excess soil was scraped from the trench floor by using trowels. Dirt was then sorted in the trench into buckets. The soil of locus 2 is throughout the extent of the trench and is a lighter brown/almost yellow in color.

Opening photos for locus 2 were taken as well as opening elevations recorded:

Locus 2 Elevations:

NW= 29.90 A.E

NE= 29.84 A.E

SE= 29.88 A.E

SW= 29.89 A.E

After subsequent pick-passes with the large pick throughout locus 2 , it appeared as if the soil contained more rocks. The size of the rocks was approximately 10-12 cm in diameter. Through the center of the trench, running east to west, a rock packing seems to be being revealed. A pick-pass was repeated to reveal the extent of the rock packing to the north and south. The rock packing does appear to be the same rock feature that appears in CB-45 and CB-46. The soil around

the rock packing appears to contain a larger amount of terracotta than previously seen in the trench.

The rock packing appears to also be present in the southern portion of the trench. Hand picks and trowels were used to begin defining the rock packing.

A 3cm X 4cm piece of vitrified terracotta was found in the northern portion of the trench. Close by, more vitrified terracotta was uncovered. These pieces were grouped and declared one special find.

Special Find #1- Vitrified Terracotta

Locus 2

AE: 29.79

W: 5.16

S: 29.47

A vitrified flange was also found in the northern portion of the trench in locus 2

Special Find #2- Vitrified Flange

Locus 2

AE: 29.78

W: 5.28

S: 29.71

The rock packing seems to diminish to the north, however a good deal of terracotta is still being uncovered.


A second bowl of terra cotta from locus 2 was deposited in the previously established terracotta dump. Subsequent pick-passes with the large pick axe revealed few to no rocks in the northern portion of the trench. Soil remains consistent, appearing as a light brown color. Terracotta is still present, with small amounts of pottery. A frieze plaque fragment was uncovered in the northern portion of the trench. A special find was declared.

Special Find #3- Frieze Plaque Fragment



Locus 2

AE: 29.73

W: 5.32

S: 29.60

We began to baulk wall the trench using handpicks and trowels. Dirt was sorted in the trench into buckets after trowels were used to scrape the dirt from the trench floor. Dirt was then dumped into a wheelbarrow and disposed of. The clean up of the trench floor is in preparation for the eventual declaration of locus 3 , which will be the rock packing that runs through the center of the trench from east to west.

Daily pottery: 1 latte box

Daily terracotta: 2.5 bowls

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