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AM Due to the appearance of galestra along the lower point of the slop in the trench it was decided to close Locus 1 and open a 1m x 2m sounding in the northernmost corner of the trench. In preparation for closing photos, Locus 1 was scraped with trowels and swept. Small roots were clipped across the trench. Photos were taken of the closing of Locus 1.

Locus 1 Closing Elevations: NE: 24.31m AE SE: 23.71m AE SW: 23.58m AE NW: 24.43m AE

String was placed around the sounding in the northeast corner and it was opened as Locus 2. Opening drawings and photos were taken of Locus 2.

Locus 2 Opening Elevations: NE: 24.31m AE SE: 24.12m AE SW: 24.11m AE NW: 24.50m AE

Locus 2 Opening Coordinates: NE: 142m E, 92m S SE: 142m E, 94m S SW: 141m E, 94m S NW: 141m E, 92m S

[sketch of trench with Locus 2 sounding]

Locus 2 has a loose, light brown soil and 3 large root stumps in its northwest corner. Excavation of the locus started with a pickpass. The soil was lowered about 10cm and sorted by hand into buckets. It is light and loose with inclusions of small stone fragments, a few tile fragments, and several pieces of pottery. An iron blade fragment was recovered as Special Find #2.

Special Find #2 Locus 2 24.16m E 92.29m S Iron blade fragment [stipple drawing of Special Find #2]

As the soil remained the same after cleaning, another pickpass was done in Locus 2, lowering 10 more cm. Soil was collected by hand and trowel and sorted into buckets. The soil remained light brown and loose through most of the locus, but in the southwest, lowest corner a lighter and denser layer began to emerge. Inclusions of small stone and tile fragments remained consistent. An iron spike was recovered and recorded as Special Find #3.

Special Find #3 Locus 2 12.16m AE 141.79m E 92.29m S Iron spike [stipple drawing of Special Find #3]

Another pickpass was done pulling down from the north to level the locus and explore whether the denser soil and clay in the southwest corner continues. Soil was picked up and sorted by hand into buckets. Inclusions of small tile fragments and small stones continue. More roots were uncovered and defined. These were removed with axe and clippers. The sounding locus is more level, but not yet as low as the southwest corner of it.

PM The afternoon began with a pickpass in Locus 2. Much of the soil is still light brown and loose, but patches of denser clay-like soil are beginning to appear. Inclusions are decreasing and only small stones are now present. Another pickpass lowered the sounding 10 more cm and cleaned up the areas around the roots and next to the baulk walls. Soil was picked up and sorted by han into buckets. A large root has appeared running north-south through Locus 2. After the soil was picked up the root was removed with an axe. The sounding was cleaned up with one trowel scrape across the locus. A lighter, greyer, and much more compact layer has appeared across the sounding.

Closing Elevations: NE: 24.05m AE SE: 23.95m AE SW: 23.91m AE NW: 24.37m AE

Daily Finds: Locus 1: 1/50th bowl tile (4 pieces, small) Pottery: 1 piece Bone: 1 piece

Locus 2: Tile: ⅛ bowl Pottery: 8 pieces Bone: 1 piece

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Anthony Tuck. (2019) "T96 (2019-07-05):47-56; Excavation Activities from Europe/Italy/Poggio Civitate/Tesoro/Tesoro 96/T96 2019". In Murlo. Anthony Tuck (Ed). Released: 2019-09-13. Open Context. <> ARK (Archive):

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