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Monday June 27, 2005


We spent the morning leveling the trench and trimming the baulk walls.  Then we brushed down the trench in preparation for the clsoing of Locus 1 and photos.


Locus 1 was closed.  The closing elevations were as follows:

  • SE:     116 cm b.d. (B)      22.73 m absolute elevation
  • SW:     78.5 cm b.d. (B)      23.105 m absolute elevation
  • NW:     100 cm b.d. (A)*      24.57 m absolute elevation
  • NE:     177.5 cm b.d. (A)      23.795 m absolute elevation
  • center:     214 cm b.d. (A)     23.43 m absolute elevation

*  This point remained unchanged because of the presence of the stump.

Locus 1 was topsoil.  It was dark brown with a lot of decayed plant matter.  Little terracotta was found, most was very badly worn presumably as a result of erosional activity.  There was little pottery and no bone.

The dig director suggested that we stop work on T-43A and create a 1x2 m extension off the northern baulk in order to gain more information ont he rock pack which is presumably a wall.  He is particularly interested in exposing he face and top of the feature if possible.  The trench directly to the south of T-43A and connected to T-43A's southern baulk wall, T-43B, will funciton as a test case to see if further excavation of this area is fruitful.  Should it be determined to be fruitful, excavation of T-43A will resume.  For more information on T-43B, see JMH I.

T-43A's main trench was officially closed and photographed.  Since no further excavation was done after the closing of Locus 1, the closing depths and photos for Locus 1 will also serve for the closing elevations and photos for the main trench itself.

We then opened the northern extension of T-43A.  The opening elevations were as follows:

  • NW:     71.5 cm b.d. (A)      24.855 m absolute elevation
  • NE:     102 cm b.d. (A)      24.55 m absolute elevation
  • SW:     100 cm b.d. (A)*      24.57 m absolute elevation
  • SE:     138.5 cm b.d. (A)      24.185 m absolute elevation
  • center:     113 cm b.d. (A)     24.44 m absolute elevation

*  Once again, the point will remian stable because the large stump makes te area unable to be excavated.

Opening photos of the extension, which will be Locus 2, were also taken.

We did a ca. 3-5 cm pick pass of the westernmost quarter of the trench.

Material Yield for June 27:

  • Locus 1
    • 1/8 bowl of bulk terracotta
    • 0 pottery
  • Locus 2
    • 1 piece of terracotta
    • 0 pottery

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