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Work today continued in the three area, T9 N-R 3-7, T9 M-R 11-13, and T9\'- Section T9 N-R 11-13 was very poor in finds, yielding less than 1/3 box of tiles over the whole area at the second layer. The soil appears much clayier than that in 3-7, on 3 meters away to the north. At a depth of about 40cm there is quite a bit of "galestra bianco," which seems essentially to be disintegrating limestone fragments.

Excavation in T9 N-R 3-7 meshed with that of T9\' where T9\' was extended towards the east for a total length of 10.70m. The eastern end cuts into the NW corner of T) N-R 3-7, ending at the surface rocks on the north edge of the trench in P. In order to make this T9\' line running aslant into T9 clear, soil was removed immediately down to c.70cm. This cut yielded a bronze fibula, flat and preserving coil-spring,

3 pieces of another, a small plain buccheroid spindle whorl, a large coarse ware handle descorated or inscribed with a psi, and a cover tile preserving the finished edges at one end and both sides.

The portion of T9\' to the west was taken down more slowly, to a depth of about 40 cm. Near the beginning of the wall a flat stone was uncovered, which, although smaller than slightly farther from the wall, corresponds to the series to the east in T9. From this general area, which was taken down about 10cm deeper than the westen part of T9\' where the ridgepole tile find yesterday necessitated slower work, came a lump of bronze and a piece of copper, flat and folded over, blue in color, plus a few shers and 1 box of tiles. In T9\' 8, at 40 cm, was part of procession frieze.

Work in T9 N-R 3-7 continued in grids P-R 3-5 north of the wall in order to find whether the rock fill

which was found yesterday in N-O also continued under the wall to the north in P-R. It did, jutting out a few centimeters underneath the flat rock in P and that in Q-R and likewise from the wall in R5. The whole area is puzzling. There is a curving line of flatish stones standing on end and slanting slightly backwards away from the wall running through Q-R 3-4 and apparently continuing underneath the surface rocks on the edge of the trench but 40cm below surface level. In the area defined by this line of stones, the wall, and the flat rock in Q-R is a deposit of plaster fragments, some as much as 10-1cm in length, which colors the entire area of soil reddish.

Also, the plaster is in the earth beneath the surface rocks and the flat Q-R rock: ie, the wall is from a later time than the plaster. Also again, there is a faint reddish prodile in R3 N-S, indicating plaster outside the curving line of rocks but in lesser quantity than that inside to the south up to the wall.

July 31, 1971

The soil outside the curving line of rocks is dark brown. In grids P-Q are rather many rocks not to be found farther west: flatish ones jutting out underneath the flat one

in P, a series of (different material?) stones roughly running across from there to the flat Q-R rock, and a substantial rock associated with the Q-R flat one. In P-A, defined by the rough line of stones, the two flat rocks, and the wall with its fill below is yellow, very find golestra.


see p photographs, also diagrams pp ,




  • Find #12
  • T9\' 8 40 cm down
  • Piece of procession frieze preserving back of two horses and front of cart plus lower guilloches




  • Find #14
  • T9\' 9 61cm down
  • 3 pieces of bronze fibula (probably a piece found tomorrow). A, C, D fragments, see also p 76 find #1

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