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Rectangle 7 ext, X-Y 1-2

August 1, 1971

At an excavated depth of 30-35 cm a layer of uneven small stones appeared.  Str. D rests immediately above it.  Tiles and pithoi fragments continue all the way through till this layer of stones which probably represents the very bottom of the trench = bedrock?

This extension was cleaned down to the level where the stones appear.  A pithos bottom and a pan tile were resting immediately on the layer of stones, in grid X1 and Y1, respectively.  The outline of the wall and the "pilaster" appear as is shown on the


  • Find 1
  • R7 X2
  • Stratum D
  • Spindle whorl

sketch drawing.

2 more boxes of tiles were gathered.

2 strawberry cartons of sherds.

Very few slivers of bronze

2-3 pieces of wall plaster

1 spindle whorl 19710475

19710475 19710475

We started lifting the crosswall between R7 and R8.  The wall forms a cut which measures 6 x 1 m.  It is consequently labeled in relation to the grids in R7 and R8 with the designation R7, W 1-6 (East to West).  Work was started on grid W4.  This is point where the crosswall buts into the mud wall of the lower building.  The profile between

grid W4 and 5 will show how the crosswall relates to the mud wall.

The top layer of the wall consisted of middle-sized stones and tiles as can be seen on the photographs.  The tile and pithoi fragments amounted to about two boxes.  The concentration- and the size of- the stones became heavier as we continued further down.  They were still mixed with tile and pithoi fragments, although these were smaller than those on the surface.  From the surface layer came one piece of a ridgepole tile which preserves one short edge with a piecrust

rim and a piecrust ridge placed perpendicular to the rim.  Also a small fragment of rim.

When we reached down to a level which is only slightly above the floor level of >R7, grid E-F 4 we found a few slivers of ivory which were actually placed within the wall, about 20 cm inside the N edge.  This is not surprising since the dirt which is placed between the stones is exactly of the same type as str. D in R8 and R7.  It is burnt, with specks of red and of carbon.

1 strawberry carton of sherds was gathered.

A few slivers of bone.

Very few fragments of bronze.

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