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Thursday, July 12, 1973

Work continued in Agger 10.  In the morning two workmen excavated in grids K-N 2 in the yellowish-brown soil stratum.  At this level there are many more tile fragments and frieze placque (primarily seated figures), and sima fragments.  Also some fine shards of painted ware, Ionic bowl and bucchero.  The concentration of small bronze fragments continues in grid N-2.  A few pieces of slag and possibly a piece of iron were also found here.  There are no longer any large, dumped rocks in these grids; they seem to terminate along a N-S line  between grids K-N 2 and K-N 3. (see profile p. -blank- )

Two other workmen worked in grids K-N 6-8 clearing the rocks.  The soil here is still humus and contains many worn tile fragments.

(cont. p. 69)


  • Find # 2
  • Agger 10 grid N-2
  • Frieze Placque Fragment - Lavetto
  • Preserves 3 strigils + 2 basses


  • Find # 3
  • Agger 10 grid K-2
  • Frieze Placque Fragment - Guilloche
  • Banquet (?)



  • Find # 12
  • Agger 10 grid N-2
  • Seated Figures Frieze Placque Fragment
  • Guilloche and footstool


  • Find # 13
  • Agger 10 grid K-2
  • Seated figure frieze placque fragment
  • Left edge and lavetto with 2-and-a-half strigils




  • Find # 18
  • Agger 10 grid N-1
  • Banquet frieze placque fragment
  • Guilloche + lebes stand base - red paint on dress and lebes stand


  • Find # 19
  • Agger 10 grid N-1
  • Banquet frieze placque fragment
  • lower-left corner
  • Joins 19730103
    (Find # 14, p. 39) and joins Find # 4 p. 137


  • Find # 35
  • Agger 10 grid L-4
  • Loom Weight
  • nothin\' special to add... (editor's note)

In the afternoon two workmen continued excavating in grids K-N 0-1 at what seems to be the bottom of the Agger.  They excavated a N-S line of stones running along grids K-N between grids 0-1.  They cleaned out these rocks and then began excavating the topsoil in grids K-N B working east into grids K-N A.  Between grids 0 and A the rocks appear scattered and are mixed with topsoil.  This line of rocks as it now appears lies along the same N-S line as the western foundations of the upper building.

The other workmen continued excavating at the eastern end of the trench in grids K-N 5-6.  Here there continued to be many worn tile fragments, a few pottery shards and some small, rounded stones.

7cassetti of tiles - discarded

2 cassetti of pottery - coarse ware

2 strawberry cartons - fine ware

2 strawberry cartons - bones

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