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The excavation since 1982 south-east of the Upper Building have revealed a columned building known as the "South-East Building". The building has been identified as a workshop. It is characteriyed by its three rows of columns (bases), 2.75m apart, center to center ans possibly a smaller row to the north, a terracotta floor and a roofing system wiht pantiles, covertiles, ridgepole tiles and a lateral sima consisting of a pantile with a raised front edge with a semicircular depression in the center for the attachment of a feline spout. The join of the lateral simas was mashed by a covertile with a female antefix or a "canopic" head. The building (1987) measures 48.5m x 6m.

A large amount of plaster with reed impressions has been found - possibly from the roof and perhaps also form walls, though no foundation walls

so far have been found. The finds from the area of the building (apart form the tiles and the architectural terracottas ) are characteriyed by teh worked ivory and bone, bronze artifacts, vitrified material, unfired tiles and material associated metalworking. The location of these finds suggests that the workshop was divided into at least three sections: metal working in the western end, tile and terracotta manufacture in the center, and bone and ivory working int the eastern end. A large quantity of pottery (pithos, coarse cream ware, impasto, greyware, orangeware, creamware, bucchero, ionic bowls, laconian and corinthian/italo-corinthian) has been found throughout the area.

This area of the trench will cover the central area north of the building (Gr. P-R 62-71).

The 1988 goals of this area will be:

1. To get a clearer picture of the destruction of the building with special emphasis on the tilefall recorded earlier *Gr. L-P 75 - 81, see MT VI, 1982, AC Bk IV, 1984, and AAC Bk I, 1987).

2. To look for further evidence of the lateral sima since no fragments of the lateral sima were found between the two major find areas (roughly W-Z 62-67 and M/S 79-87).

3. To search for acroterai fragments to determine whether or not the "South-East Building" was adorned with them (i.e. stratigraphy). Like the earlier years the overall goals of the trench will be:

4. To search for a drain system.

5. To look for further evidence of the workshop`s different functions: ivory and bone cutting, terracotta manufacture and metalworking (especially bellows, funnels, and crucible fragments).

6. To secure further evidence to

reconstruct the building, especially plaster fragments (significant fragments either because of theri size, curve or because they preserve two or more finished edges).

7. To establish a firmer chronology.

8. To secure further evidence to define the relationship of the "South-East Building" with other buildings on Poggio Civitate.

For earlier trenchbooks on the "South-East Building" see: T26: M. Tobey V-VIII, 1982-1983; G. Dunham II, 1982; A.Collins I-VII, 1984-1987; L.R.Lacy II-III, 1985; A.A Carpino I, 1987 & M. Wilcox I-II, 1987. T25 (covering the western end of the building and joined to T26 at meters 58/59): see C. Tutt I-III, 1984-1985.

Note: depths will be measured form the groundline in meters. Tiles and plaste will be dumped on the site (app. 25m SW of Q65). The casetta measures 0.30 x 0.45m. A pottery box measures 9.5 x 8 x 6 cm. The dump is 27m SW of Q65.

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