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June 25, 1998 AM

The morning started by finishing approximately 10 cm top soil cut in N11 W10, locus 4. Baulks were trimmed. Then CA42N locus 4 was extended north into N15 W10. The trench is now within 1 meter from the road passing to the north-east of it. Work also continued in locus 3, N10-11 W11. Most of the locus is occupied by large bedrock outcroppings. They were defined, baulks were trimmed and locus 3 was closed. Except for 3 very small red ware fragments no material was found in locus 3 today.

In the well area of CA42 excavation proceeded in the 70x70 cm area immediately west of the well wall. Large air pockets were found between the rocks of the wall at the depth of 205cm and lower. There does not seem to be any foundation trench visible in the section with well wall. On both sides of the wall galestra has direction and consistency indicative of undisturbed soil. Soil around the wall is more moist. Soil impacted within stones of the wall has very different consistency suggesting that it was placed there during the construction of the well.

June 25, 1998 PM

In CA42N continued excavating locus 4, meters N11-15, W10. Final depth reached today was 85-100cm. Excavated soil constituted top soil layers. Approximately 90 very worn pieces of tile and 43 fragments of pottery were found. Pottery included 4 creamware and 1 buccerhoid fragments. All pottery except for 2 fairly large impasto pieces was very worn.

In CA42 continued excavating the well wall. Another carbon piece was found in the soil between the stones. Teh excavated area reached a depth of 230 cm b.d. today but the well wall seems to still continue deeper.

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