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July 21, 1997


As it was still too damp to return to excavations in the area of S25-26 E136-139, work was focused on defining and clearing grass from the foundations in R13.  Work here was focused in the northern corners of the rectangle.  Grass was cleared from all the orientalizing foundations in R13 and they were thoroughly swept down.  In the northwest corner of R13, the area was leveled out in order to determine whether any more stones were there, which might align with the northern wall of the orientalizing structure.  However, at this time it is still uncertain whether or not the flat stones in the area form an extension of this wall.  This work produced 12 fragments of pottery, 2 of bone, and 3 fragments of tile.

It was also decided to further clarify the northern orientalizing wall in the northeast corner of R13, where the existence of this wall is much clearer, as is its connection to the orientalizing crosswall in R13.  The soil in the area of these foundations is a medium brown soil.  As work in

A.M. (con't.)

this area will continue this afternoon, total pottery and tile recovery will be recorded at that time.  However, two fragments of pottery should be noted here, (#1) an impasto/buccheroid double rope handle, and (#2) a strap handle? of a Greek ceramic.  These two pieces came from the medium brown fill over the orientalizing foundations, which seem to have been robbed out in part in this area.



  • find #2
  • S18 E135
  • 66 cm.b.d.
  • R13
  • NW corner in line of foundations
  • ?strap handle? Greek ceramic

P.M. photos taken

Continued work in the northeast corner of R13 attempting to clarify the northern wall of the orientalizing building and its juncture with the orientalizing crosswall in R13.  After the projected line of the foundations was leveled down, only general smaller stones were revealed, so it may be that this area was simply robbed out as the Upper Building wall immediately to the north (c. 30-40 cm.) was constructed.  This work through the medium brown fill soil produced 1/2 of a latte of pottery and bone, and 38-40 fragments of tile.  Also recovered from the area was a fragment of a red, high-fire ceramic (#3).

In the afternoon the area of S25-26 E136-139 was dry enough to return to work and so the areas of meters S25-26 E136-137 were leveled out to approximately 74-75 cm.b.d.  The soil here was medium brown with heavy carbon and plaster inclusions (Locus 10).  The pottery/bone/terracotta from these meters was segregated: from S25-26 E137 7 fragments of pottery were recovered.  After leveling out these two

P.M. (con't.)

it was decided to drop the area of S25-26 E136 to a lower level, in order to create a section along the Upper Building wall between R13 and R14, which might illustrate the construction technique of the Upper Building wall.  A light pick pass was taken through the western portions of S25-26 E136  removing more of the Locus 10 soil-  the material recovered from this was boxed with that from today's leveling efforts in the same meters-  1/3 latte of pottery and bone and and 6-7 fragments of terracotta.

Also recovered in this area (#4) inscribed bucchero, (#5) incised bucchero with reticulated pattern, and (#6) a bucchero rim.

P.M. (con't.)



  • find #4
  • S26 E137 (S25.42 E136.25)
  • 72 cm.b.d.
  • Locus 10
  • inscribed? bucchero
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