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Tuesday, July 20, 1993

AM worked in magazzino

PM Work continued in three areas.  In P/Q 34 the last of the trowel passes in order to define the last of teh small boulder scatter.  As it stands now, this group of stones does not resemble a wall.  The current plan is to clean up this area for a photograph and then to lift the stones.

In the area of the P/Q 36-37 cleaning was necesary before any further excavation could be carried out.  Thus there was a bit of baulk trim, sweeping and most important, cleanup of spilled, unstratified soil beside the area of excavation (O 36-37).  Work in this area revealed a thin bronze semi-circular object and an orangeware rim.

Work with pick and shovel also continued in G-I 39-40, in order to establish a section revealing the plaster concetration.  This began at a level of 121cm, and revealed little tile or pottery.  The soil was light brown and dry and crumbly in texture, but quickly gave way to clayey soil taht was rather shaley and resembled galestra.  After an examination of the stratigraphy in the west baulk of T 22 W extension, which revealed at least two layers NOT appearing in the east baulk of T 21, it was decided taht digging further through the "galestra-like" soil and straightening the baulk at the same time would best determine whether the "galestra-like" soil was occuring naturally or was intentional fill.

Meanwhile, in P/Q 34-35 and P/Q 36-37 excavation with trowels revealed that the stones in the "tumble" were

actually regularly laid out (or seemed to be so) to form two approximately N/S running formations connected by an east/west running line of stones.  The two N/S running formations are parallel to each other and are approximately 1.3 m apart.

Work continued with trying to define the area around the N/S running formations.  In P/Q 37 the soil included occasional small bits (less than 1cm) of carbon.  Also revealed were several large tile pieces belonging to pithoi or roof tile.  Excavation this area was not completed when work ended for the day.  For P/Q 36-37 only a few handfulls of tile and one third of a litre milk carton of pottery, and small pieces of bronze.  P/Q 34 recovered about half a litre milk carton of pottery, a few handfulls of tile and two very tiny pieces of bronze.

At a level of approximately 126cm the galestra like soil changed to a looser, softer browner soil which may have terracotta in it.  More work

remains to be done tomarrow to determine whether this new soil has any evidence of human interaction.




  • Find #3
  • P/Q 37
  • 73cm deep
  • Bucchero body sherd with petal-like protrusions
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