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July 15, 1982


Tile: 6 Pottery: 2 1/2

The 40cm cut in U,V,W - 68-70 was completed around the stump in W - 68,69. A new cut of ~10cm was begun in meters U,V,W - 70 and extended to U,V,W - 69. This cut brings the floor level to ~50cm in U - 70 and to ~40cm in W - 70. This soil was a bit lighter than the previous cut but mainly exhibited the same yellow-brown color.

Floor was struck in W-69 at ~40cm and was uncovered to V-69. Work then began with hammers and mestaline moving to the east into U,V,W - 70 exposing the floor and trying to determine if the unfired covertiles extended into this extension. A break in the floor was detected in W,V - 69, running from the north to the south. Seceral large stones were imbedded in this break and were removed. (Stones ~20cm x 20cm, 3 of them).

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extended from the trench wall (western wall) in meter U-70. These were excavated with mestaline and hammer butas yet are not completely exposed.

The area which includes meters P-T, 68-70 was cleared of grass and shrubs.

The soil just above the floor was a lighter yellow soil.

Work continued with the pick, bring the trench to floor level in V - 69, 68. THe soil just above the floor in these meters was light yell0ow. The floor is at ~60cm in V-68 but ~50cm in V-69. The 50cm cut was continued in U-69, 68, exposing light yellow soil. Then another cut to floor level (~65cm in U-68, ~60cm in U-69) was made. This soil was lighter yellow and contained a great deal of tile just above the floor. A pocket of very white soil, apparently a very soft stone, was econuntered in the wall of U-68 (western wall) at ~50cm. A large stone, apparently incorporated into the floor, was partially uncovered in V-68 and appeared to continue west into the trench wall into meter V-67. This stone, at ~60cm, is 14.0m from the stone in meter P-80 following a straight line through the stones in Q-77 and R-75. This appartently is the 6th stone in the row that begins with the stone in P-80.

Unfired tiles, similar to the ones containing footprints in U,V,W - 71-73, were encountered while excavating U,V - 70 with hammer and mestaline. These tiles were at ~50cm and lied just above the floor. The tiles extemded ~10cm from the trench wall in V-70. The unfired tiles (continued on )








  • Find #10
  • 50 cm
  • Ionic pottery fragment found on pottery table
  • Black painting


Tile: 2 Pottery: 1

Note: The trench was run by M. Spencer this afternoon. The following entry is that of M. Spencer.

The cut to ~40cm in M,N,O 80-82 was continued. The soil was dark brown with constant, but not heavy, amounts of tile and pottery (mostly impasto). A small lump, possibly iron, was found in this area as well as two large chunks of plaster with clear reed impressions and/or finished edges. The plaster was carried down to the magazino.

The area U,V,W, 69-70 was excavated with hammers and mestaline in an effort to define the edge of the terracotta/mortar floor which continues


  • Find #11
  • U,V,W - 68-70
  • 50 cm
  • Ionic pottery fragment (found on pottery table)
  • Black paint

in this area, and to determine the extent of the series of unfired covertiles found this morning on the floor in U,V - 70. The floor has apparently worm away abruptly in meters U/ 69-70, possibly due to erosion, while the floor immediately around the covertiles is buckled and uneven. Two small pieces of bronze were found in U/69 just above the floor.

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