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Explanatory Note: South Flank: Extension had been partially excavated during the 1969 season (see IE 1 .). Therefore, references made herein to topcuts do not represent topsoil, but rather the point at which the earlier campaigns had stopped excavation, along with approximately 30 years of vegetal accumulation. It should be noted that excavation in those years reached a point just below the tops of the wall socles, because the ground in this area was too wet for further research. All elevations are given as meters of depth below datum point.

Locus 1 represents the top-cut in meters 28-29.5 S, 167-169 E. Closing elevations were:

1.01 NE; 1.03SE; .91 SW;.85 NW

Opening elevations were: .69 SW; .69SE; .63 NE; .59 NW.

Locus 2 represents the hard-packed layer directly beneath Locus 1. The soil was dark brown with bits of plaster, calcite deposits, and occasional minute specks of carbon.

Closing elevations were: 1.01 center; .89 NW .98 SE 1.00 SW; 1.01 NE.

Locus 3 represents the top-cut in meters 34-36 S, 171-173 E. the dark brown soil contained moderate amounts of carbon. Closing elevations were: 1.25 NW; 1.27 NE; 1.30 SW; 1.35 SE; 1.27 center. Opening elevations: 1.10 NE; 1.07 NW; 1.05 SW; 1.16 SE.

Locus 4 represents the archaic destruction fill. Although it was similar to locus 3, which it underlies, in many respects, a new locus was designated to prevent contamination of this important layer from above. Thickly strewn with carbon and plaster, Locus 4 contained an immense concentration of terracotta and pottery. In addition, there were

many large bones and a number of small stones in the stratum.

Closing elevations were: 1.28 SW; 1.31 SE; 1.28 NE; 1.22 NW; 1.24 center.

Locus 5 represents the archaic floor surface, and the deposit immediately beneath it. The surface was indicated by an extremely compacted layer of soil with a fairly dense and chronologically diagnostic spread of artifacts resting upon it.

Eventually, Locus 5 became the designation for material impacted in this floor level for the entire cut 34-36 S, 169-173 E.

Locus 6 was a loose, sandy soil, immediately underlying Locus 5 in meters 34-36 S, 171-173E.

Closing elevations were: 1.25 NE; 1.23 NW; 1.27 SE; 1.25 SW; 1.30 center

Locus 7 describes a harder, crustier layer of light brown soil underneath Locus 6 in meters 34-35 S, 171-173 E. Its color and material recovery suggested that the two loci (6 & 7) could be equated.

Closing elevations were: 1.42 NE; 1.38 NW -- see Locus 11 close.

Locus 8 represents a dark-brown soil that filled a small, semi-lunate stone formation found in Locus 7 (see page 93 ). It contained a moderate amount of plaster. Elevation 1.49 m. Possible post-hole.

Locus 9, equivalent to Locus 3, represents the top-cut in meters 34-36 S, 169-171 E. 1.13 NE; 1.10NW; 1.05 SW; 1.16 SE

Closing elevations were: 1.19 NW; 1.20 NE; 1.21 SW; 1.26 SE; 1.26 center.

Locus 10, equivalent to Locus 4, represents the materials above the archaic floor that belong to the destruction deposit of archaic building 1.

Closing elevations were: 1.24 NW; 1.23 NE; 1.23 SW 1.26 SE; 1.28 center.

Locus 11, corresponding to locus 6 and 7, but covering the meters 35-36 S 171-173 E, represents the stratum below locus 5. Carbon was abundant. Closing elevations were: 1.42 SE; 1.42 SW; 1.45 center, see locus 7.

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