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July 31, 1971

  • F-G/27-28: 3 1/2 cassette
  • J/27-28: 2 1/2
  • F-H/27-28: four small plaster bags of bones, a few pieces of clay plaster

Worked in grids F-H/27-28.

The hard surface of "bastisto" character found yesterday in H/27 (depth ca. 80 cm from ground surface) was now traced over area F-H/27-28 as a whole.  The lowest layer down to that level is very rich in pottery and bones, and is mixed up with small quantities of carbon.

On southern side of "stone line" which follows border G-H easterwards, this hard batuto surface was however not found, tiles still lying in this area on level mentioned.  Soil here more reddish brown than north of stone line.  These tiles (all over area F-G/27-28) were left for the moment, but ought to

be removed later, to find bottom of this stratum.

Northern part of H/28 and J/28 where yellow layer occurs ( see p. 153 ) contain very little, a few sherds and small tile fragments and hardly any bones.  Same "batuto" surface seems to extend here.

J/27: Tile layer which slopes down here towards north is lifted.  Rather much stones right above, and mixed with, the tiles towards northern border of grid.  Fragment of ridgepole tile, colors fairly well preserved, with one longer and one shorter scar on uppermost part for attachment was found among tiles in J/27, depth ca. 90 cm from ground surface nearby.  A few centimeters below the hard batuto surface was struck.  J/27 rich in pottery, as grids southwards.




  • Find #5
  • T-18 G-H/27
  • Fragment of Italo-Corinthian pottery: shoulder part of painted alabastron (?)


  • Find #7
  • T-18 H/27-28
  • Fragment of frieze: banquet


  • Find #13
  • T-18 J/27
  • Depth ca. 90 cm below ground surface
  • Ridgepole tile with mended scars from two attachments, one longer and one shorter

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