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July 4, 1983


  • Tile: 5
  • Pottery: 10

Meters beta,gamma-59-61 were taken to "floor" level with careful picking and checking the soil in the wheelbarrow.  Six boxes of pottery were recovered - much of it "fine ware" such as fine bucchero.  However, only one cassette of tile was collected.  These tiles were usually large pieces and were generally found near the tile concentration in alpha,Z-59-61 at ~40 cm, which is being cleaned down with metaline.

The soil of this cut to the "floor," from ~20 to 45 cm, was generally light brown and contained little carbon or plaster.  The "floor" in these meters (beta,gamma-59-61) is well preserved and lies at a depth of ~45 cm in the SW corner of meter gamma-59.  Vitrified material was also found in this cut to the "floor," along with some burnt pottery.  The tile concentration in alpha,Z-59-61 at ~40 cm continued to be cleaned with metaline and it appears to be an isolated heap

surrounded to the north, east, and south by relatively tile-free "floor."

Meters RST-64-62 were cleaned with mestaline to expose the concentration of tiles which laid at ~80 cm in RST-64 ( see p. 298 for photos ).  Work into meters T,U-63,62 showed that the tile concentraiton does not exist here.  The tile concentration did continue to be exposed in emters R,S-64,63 at ~80 cm.  The earth covering the tiles was generally red-orange in color and contained carbon and plaster.

One box of pottery was collected.  The area covered by meters T,U-63,62 appeared to contain "floor," as a hard plaster-like covering was reached here, extending as a flat surface into meters S,T-62 at ~80 cm.  There is a depression in T-63 where this plaster-like material was dug into last year ( see GD II ).  At the moment, it is thought that this plaster-like material is in fact floor.  Two cassette of tile were collected from this area.

Also, meters X-gamma, 62-71 were swept to more clearly view the "floor"and the spots where soil covers it or where it is broken or eroded.  Work proceeded with metalina at exposing the "floor" from the ~10 cm of earth which covers it in some areas.  Generally, the "floor" is not well preserved in meters Y-gamma 62-71 so it is difficult to distinguish "floor breaks" from areas where soil lies above the "floor."

Picks were used to remove the ~10 cm of earth above the "floor" in alpha,beta,gamma-67-71.  Again, the floor is not well preserved and not well defined here.  A piece of the "floor" was accidentally taken up with the pick.  It does appear, however, that the "floor" extends through beta-67-70.  Meters gamma-67-71 mark the real beginning of the slope down the hill and floor could not be discerned here, though the depth of these meters is only ~20-30 cm.  The floor lies at a ~15-20 cm in beta-67-71 however.

The soil just above the "floor"in alpha-gamma-67-71 was dark, rooty, and contained many small stones.  Perhaps the small stones indicate areas where the "floor" has eroded away.  The stones may be a foundation upon which the floor was laid.  3 boxes of pottery and two cassette of tile were recovered from meters X-gamma, 62-71 today.






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