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August 4, 1971

Three areas were excavated today: T9\', the rock fill in T9 B-C 11-13, and T9 V-W 10-13.

The work in T9\' was to clear down north of the wall in grids 1-7 just far enough to see the stone fill similar to that already uncovered to the east. The only difference between the fill in the two areas is that in 1-7 it is not always clear whether the fill goes under the wall from the south serving as a specific foundation for the wall and the flat rocks: it crops up in sports quite disconnected with both wall and rocks. The only one of the the spaced rocks on the outside of the wall which is not almost perfectly flat is the small one, second from the west in T9\'3 (see plan p , photographs p ).

Work on the T9 B-C 11-13 rock fill was abandoned because total yield has been very little, mainly 5 boxes of tiles and 1 box of plaster fragments.

Test trench T9 V-W 10-13 contains a fair amount of material, especially compared to the area immediately to the west over the drain. Three boxes of tile were dumped from an 8m square area and 20cm depth (15cm-40cm beneath surface), 1 box of sherds from the same area. A fine quality portion of a cat\xe0s head waterspout and some curious terra cotta fragments (see sherd box) also came out. A flat stone about 25cm long with smaller associated ones has emerged at about 40 cm depth in the southern position of the trench.


  • Find #7
  • T9 W12 40cm
  • 2 joining pieces of feline waterspout preserving nose, left eye, and left top of head (also fleck of black or red (?) paint?)
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