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July 20 Tuesday A.M. only (6-10)

To clarify the feature for the architect's drawing, more of the fill was removed from the center hole of the feature: a few large stones continued in the fill in the top of exposed section, but then the majority of the stones were smaller, very much like those found in the Civitate A dumps; the earth fill is disturbed galestra clay with a few very small coarse impasto sherds and 2 ossini mixed in it; below this occurred another large stone, broken up and removed, and below it, more full and some small stones.  Between the stones dirt is mostly clay, with a very small amount of charcoal mixed in it - it is definitely not deliberately placed, but could have functioned like a clay lining for the retention of water.

Workmen clearing the outer edges of the stones embedded in the western wall of the galestra surrounding the feature noted that the ancient pit was carefully dug in a regular, cylindrical shape, but that here and there...

...small bit of the side were hacked out less regularly for the insertion of the larger or more strangely shaped stones forming the outer walls of the feature.

Finds - a slightly larger concentration of sherds occurred at the lower level of the hiole in the center of the feature, but all the sherds were very coarse and in very worn condition.  One small unidentifiable fragment of bronze was found in the fill of the center, almost directly against the Eastern wall of interior of feature, at an approx. depth of 0.58 from the top layer of presently exposed stones.

Very approx. depths - see drawings

  1. Depth of exposed galestra = ancient pit west wall - from top of galestra layer - 1.26m (Present depth in west wall of trench from topsoil to top of galestra - 1.59m)
  2. depth of presently exposed stone feature (i.e. the second cut around stone feature - approx 0.78m
  3. depth inside hollow center of stone feature at present - 0.91m

Diameter of entire feature at this level - N-S  2.03m     E-W  2.11m

Diameter of hole in center of feature - N-S 0.735m       E-W  0.84m

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