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Cut #1 : Cut 1 consists of grids N-P 31-35.  The area in question was cleaned down from topsoil to slightly below the level of the foundation walls of the "middle room."  Finds were not abundant.  Noteworthy is some decorated bucchero (#1-2, p. 41) and a few fragments of architectural terracotta.  The main accomplishment of this cut was to define the north wall of the middle room (P 31-35) and to establish the stratigraphy of this area: from top to bottom:




Excavation was also carried out in grids J-M 31-5, an area which had previously been excavated by J. Neils in 1971 down to the level of the wall foundations.  The entire area was excavated for a depth of abt. 50 cm.  Noteworthy finds were the decorated bucchero fragm. (#1 p. 109), the hearth (see plan p. 150), the pottery concentration (both fine and coarseware) in grids L 35-6 (pgs. 112-113) and the coarseware concentration in grid JK 31-5, at a depth of almost 50 cm, partly excavated and then covered up for future excavation (p. 163) .

The stratum excavated in grids J-M 31-5, below the level of the foundation walls, was dark brown in color and is below the level of the red soil and carbon stratum.  It corresponds with the Dark brown II of Cut #2.

Cut #2

Cut #2 consists of grids J-P 36-40.  The stratigraphy in this area is very clear.  From top to bottom: EARTH FILL (dumped previous years)






For a profile of grids L-O see page 84 .  Excavation in this area revealed that a cross wall to the "middle room" exists in grids J-P 37-8, with a doorway in the L grid.  In front of this doorway, in the yellow and red strata, was a virtual cornucopia of pottery, of every conceivable type.  Particularly worthy of mention are the inscribed sherd (#6, p. 59), the painted yellow amphora ( p. 71, #1 , p. 75, #5), the two almost complete oinochoai (#3 p. 97 , #4 p. 99 ) and numerous sherds of decorated and undecorated bucchero and multitudinous coarseware.  Also in cut 3,  stratum, was the complete antefix backer and two pieces of gorgon

hair, all of which join with 19720235

, a gorgon antefix excavated by J. Neils in 1972 (see p. 51 for discussion). Also interesting is the fragment of banquet frieze (#1, p. 53) which joins 19750041
, a fragment found in the I grid on the outside of the south foundation wall.

Cut #3

This area includes grids I-P 41-43.  Excavation here served to delineate the south wall of the "easternmost room" of the T 19 north extension building complex.  The wall continues as far as grid 43, the end of the cut.  No crosswall has been encountered so far. The area is not completely excavated.  On one of the final days a heavy pottery and tile fall was encountered in grids JL 42-3.  It was partly excavated and several complete or almost complete vases were entered (p. 184 - 188 ).  These vases were boxed and stored along with the other pottery from the area (these boxes bear the designations BB ).  The remaining pottery was left in the ground, after being photographed, and was covered over with earth.

Excavation was also carried out in grid I 41-43, south of the southern foundation wall, and hence on the outside of the building complex.  Heavy carbon deposits were noted in this area, along with numerous sherds of "redware," several terracotta "eggs," and fragments of a bronze fibula w/ bone beads.

The stratigraphy in this cut is the same as the previous cut

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