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July 14, 1988


P 70 was cleaned and taken down to 0.80m The large pithos fragment (see p.113) turned out to have part of the base attached. Two  large pithos rims were also found. The fragments were photographed in situ, then lifted and taken down to the magazzino . App. 1 1/2 cassetta of pithos fragments were found giving a total number of pithos fragments from this area 3 cassette ( also counting the few fragments from P69). At least fragments from two different types of pithos have been found (2 different thicknesses and 2 different lips). In P 69 (+part of Q 69) a large amoundt of plaster (among which 3 large fragments), some tile and some pithos fragments were found. This area was photographed adn the fragments lifted.

From these two areas 1/2 box of pottery and a few bronze fragments

were found. Together with 2/3 cassetta of tiles and plaster. In R 65 below the tree several large pithos fragments were found ( including a large fragment preserving part of the base). Behind that (in Q-P 65) several rocks, perhaps forming a line, are visible. The pithos fragments and the rocks were photographed.




The soil under the stump in P 68-69 was taken out. 2/3 cassetta of tile and 1/3 cassetta of plaster and 1 box of mixed pottery were found. P-R 65 was taken down to 0.80m, thereby finishing the fourth cut into the plaster layer. The rocks in R-P 65-66 still need to be cleaned. Between the rocks, and underneath, are fragments of pithos. Several of these were taken down to the magazzino to

check for joins with the fragments brought down from this area Tuesday morning (see p.97). The rest of the fragments were left in situ. 1 cassetta of tile, 1/3 cassetta of plaster and 1 1/2 box of mixed pottery and bone were found. Several interesting fragments were found in this area: most noticable a bucchero leg with a feline paw foot (find #6); an oddly shaped inwardly lip with rossette stamps in a row (find #7) and a large fragment of plaster with 3 possibly 4 finished edges (find #8).


  • Find #6
  • Q 65
  • depth 0.85m
  • plaster layer
  • bucchero foot with feline paw


  • Find #7
  • Q 65
  • depth 0.80m
  • plasterlayer
  • inwardly lip with rosette stamps

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