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Pictures of Blackened Area in U,V,W - 74-78 on Terracotta/Mortar floor July 14, 1982

See also drawing on page 57, MT VI

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July 14, 1982


Tile: 1 Pottery: 2

The blackened are in U,V,W - 74-78 was brushed down and photographed. Excavation was begun with mestaline to define the floor in this area. It could not be determined if the area excavated was floor which is very soft or an area where the floor was eroded away. The excavation was taken to ~5cm and then discontinued. The rest of the U,V,W - 74-82 area was swept.

The southern wall of the trench was set up to be redrawn, since upon drying the stratigraphy

July 14, 1982 (continued from page 58 )

become more clear.

Excavation with dental tools continued in R-74 and into S-74. A piece of stamped bucchero was found.

Meters U,V,W - 68-70 were cleared of grass and shrubs and the meters then mapped out. A cut to remove the topsoil was made bringing the extension to a depth of ~15cm in V-70 and to ~ 30cm in V-68 (continued on ).

Meter W-68 is dominated by a large stump and could not be excavated. A bulk, ~20 cm in width was left between meters U,V,W - 71 and U,V,W - 70. The soil just below the topsoil in these meters appeared to be light brown and contained some tile, but not a great deal (less that one cassetta). Indeed the soil under the topsoil throughout this first cut was light brown.

A new cut, bringing U,V,W - 68-70 to ~40 cm was begun iun U,V,W - 70 and extended into U,V,W - 69. The soil of this cut was much like the light brown/yellow of the previous cut. The soil was cery soft and contined perhaps just slightly more tile than the previous cut.

Note that no new ivory pieces were found with dental tool excavation today.

After being swept down, meters U,V,W - 74-82 were cleaned to define the breaks in the floor with mestaline. Indeed, it appears that the area excavated with mestaline in the blackened area of meter V-76 was a soft, partially deteriorated portion of the floor (the area mentioned earlier this morning).


Tile: 1 Pottery: 2

Section of the southern wall of the trench, looking south was drawn to incorporate meters 74-82 on the T/U border. Also the section of the northern wall looking north was checked (meters 77-82 on the P/O border).

Breaks in the floor in meteres U,V,W - 74-82 were defined by excavating with mestaline.

The 40cm cut was confined westward through meters U,V,W - 69 amd U,V,W - 68 to bring the entire extension to ~40cm, except for the area occupied by the large stump in W-68. The soil remained as this morning - light brown/yellow. Bone and fireware pottery was found.

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