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Tuesday July 22 1997


Continued work in locus 7 extending it toward the south. 5 cm below trench surface bedrock was excavated. It extended for 240 cm, terminating at west baulk section cut (locus 4). Material recovered from locus 7 included 100 tile fragments (1-10cm) and 2 latte cartons of pottery. Pottery included 67 redware, 4 coarseware, 6 bucchero, 2 creamware adn 135 impasto fragments. 10 bone fragments as well as a small amorphous bronze piece, and 2 sherds of possibly greek pottery were found.

20cm x 1m area of soil located

between the baulk and the section cut (locus 4) was designated

locus 8. Because of high consentration of carbon indicating a burn, it was decided to excavate this locus to the level of the section cut. Burn layer continued to the depth of 125cm b. surface.

23 tile fragments and 1 2/3 latte cartons of pottery were recovered from locus 8, including 87 redware, 3 coarseware, 102 impasto, 1 creamware, and 6 bucchero fragments. Also a winged handle with 2 perforations, and iron rod and a sherd of creamware pottery were found. 32 bone fragments were recovered. Plaster was infrequent in loci 7 and 8.



  • Find #3
  • Locus 8
  • S. 43.4 E 150.75
  • 90cm below surface burn layer
  • windged handle with 2 perforations


  • Find #4
  • Locus 8
  • S. 43.5 E 150.7
  • 105cm below surface
  • painted creamware


  • Find #5
  • Locus 8
  • S. 44 E 151
  • 90-105cm below surface
  • iron rod (nail)


Completed excavating locus 8 by straightening the west baulk. Final depth reached was 130cm bs. North and east baulks of section cut (locus 4) were trimmed revealing soft clay like olive yellow soil (2.5 Y, 6/6) with light olive gray patches (5Y, 6/2) in north east corner. Photographic and slides of this soil were taken. Opened a new locus 9, a 1m wide trench running next to the T21 west baulk, north of section cut meters S 44-45 E 151 (old grid J30). Soil contained a lot of carbon. Material recovered from locus 9 included 90 tile fragments (1-12cm)

several pieces of plaster, and 2 full latte cartons of pottery. Pottery included 65 redware, 6 coarseware and 225 impasto fragments. 50 bone fragments and 4 cut antler pieces were found. Locus was excavatede to the depth of 7cm below trench surface (106cm bs)


  • Find #6
  • Locus 9
  • S. 44 E 151
  • Cut antler fragments (most probabaly join)


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