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June 17, 1987


Section LM/78-81 was cleared to 60-65 cm below the surface.  We encountered an area with a build-up of plaster chunks (M/79), many with finished edges. These may have been part of a wall or roofing system, as many contained reel marks.  We also found a pan tile with a high flange, perhaps part of a raking sima (M/78-79).  Pieces of burned pottery appeared in the area of L/80-81.

Finds consisted of tile fragments, smaller pieces of terracotta and plaster, a large pithos fragment, several pieces of bucchero (M/79) or buccheros, possible sling stones, and an assortment of pottery.  When swept, the floor of the section contained evidence of a high terracotta/carbon content, along with vary rocks visible.

The line of rocks runs along the length of the section, especially in area L/78-81.  These rocks were large boulder types, along with smaller

pieces.  the tile and carbonized terracotta pieces along with the carbon were forms intertwined with the rocks.

Section NO/72-77 was swept down and photographed, in order to highlight the predominance of rocks in the stratum 20-30 cm below the surface.


Work continued in section LM/78-81, bringing the horizontal level down to the stratum 70-75 cm below the surface.  We immediately encountered a thick layer of carbonized material, terracotta, plaster, and rocks.  A small very fragmented piece of ivory was found and work slowed.  Pieces of bucchero increased in number, including a handle fragment.  A large piece of burnt pithos base was also found (M/78).  This burn layer is interesting because it is so high from the floor level.  Interspersed within it were scattered fragments of tile, but no evidence of a tile fall.  A sample of the burn material was taken and bought down from (L/79).  Much of the pottery recovered also contained evidence of burning (red ware and bucchero), especially in the section L/80-81.

Numerous pieces of bone were also found including a section of jaw, but nothing which looked hand-worked.

Tile count: 2 cassettas

Pottery count: 2 boxes


  • Find #2
  • LM/78-81
  • depth of 70-75 cm
  • bucchero with stamp decoration


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