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July 14, 2001

We started to cut the artificial baulk between the NorthEast and SouthEast 1/4s to see if L4002 continues to the rocks that we found in the NE 1/4 (doesn't have a locus number yet).

Also we are going a little bit down in L4019 around L4023 because that part seems to be higher than the rocks so I wanted to see if they are continuing to the South. Also we found a piece of slag there. (KT# 4082) After this we may start articulating the rocks close to the L4017 and L4018. We articulated those rocks and now cutting the baulks between NW and SW/ SW and SE. Because L4015 and the rocks East of L4006 and L4021 and L4022.

The rocks between NE and SE side of the trench doesn't get connected with each other. L4002 is still there but the rocks in the NE 1/4 next to the artificial baulk between NE and SE is a new locus L4024 similar to the other rock piles but there is something different: there is a part which seems to be really compact as if we had just taken a piece of pottery from there (but we didn't).

Also we articulated the rocks between L4023 and L4017 and L4018 and that is a different locus too: L4025. Because those rocks are very connected with each other. Similar kinds of rocks.

Also the surface like rock feature just at the East of the L4021 seems not connected with L4022 so that is another locus L4026.

We are still looking for the connections the surface like features L4026, L4022 and L4015 under the baulks with trowels.

Also we found a "horse piss brick" in the oven (we actually don't know where it exactly came but it was there). (Munsell: 10YR 7/6 Yellow)

There may be another surface around L4018. Also we can see the line in the section of the artificial baulk. But the line is not straight. It goes up and down in some parts.

Also I am planning to follow L4026 to East but I don't know if I will have enough time for that today. We found some more rocks under the baulk which is the continuation of the L4026.

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Date 2001-07-14
Year 2001
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