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Item: Locus 35

Class: Locus

Project: Kenan Tepe

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Observation 1: Properties (18)
Variable Value
Designator Floor/Surface
Context rating Primary
General remarks Cobble surface, located from west to south. (BP 2003): This is an excellent sealed floor locus. Note that the excavator used one KT number for multiple bags. During the summer of 2003 I added new KT numbers and chnged the tags.
Strat below 34
Strat above 37
Strat abuts 20, 32, 28
Top depth center 590.301
Top depth west 590.331
Bottom depth west 590.301
Bottom depth center 590.221
Dimension length 3.2
Dimension width 1.5
Start date 2002-07-29
End date 2002-07-31
Color 7,2 YR-6/2
Texture soil hard to dig, hard muddish soil
Composition pebble and little bit potsherfs on it
Tentative Date Middle Bronze Age
Item Notes
Contexts excavated in trenches were recorded using the "locus system." A locus is any discrete three-dimensional entity excavated in a trench. The key to the locus system is the recognition that a locus is any one thing. Differences in soil composition or texture are therefore as important as, for example, the difference between a pit and a wall. If two entities were distinct, they were considered separate loci and were therefore assigned separate locus numbers. It should also be noted that every context excavated in a trench was given a locus number and thus the trench itself is made up completely of excavated loci.
Feature Description: Properties (7)
Variable Value
Material Cobbles
Stone brick size small pebble, hard to calculate size
Associated surfaces 36
Surface construction cobble (pebble and dry dirty soil)
Subfloor fill 37
Associated walls 32
Remarks small pebbles and dry dirthy soil
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●●●●○ Editorial board reviewed

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(1,900 BCE - 1,700 BCE)

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Kenan Tepe: Area D / Trench 7 / Locus 35 (Locus)
Bradley Parker
Peter Cobb
Tuba Gençler
Open Context
Spatial reference inferred from containment in Trench 7.
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