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Small Find

Item: DT# 1793

Class: Small Find

Project: Domuztepe Excavations

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Descriptive Properties (8)
Variable Value
Small Find / DT number 1793
Internal Find Number 106
Find Date 1999/08/29
Registration Date 1999/09/02
Artifact Name Figurine
Material Stone, unidentified
Mass (g) 5.4
Disposition Marash Mus. invent
Item Notes
Firgurne/pendat fragment, head broken. Triangular body, horizontal rounded shoulders bit like a 40ties dress stye. Arms end in triangular points suggesting that they were folded in front of the chest or under the breats. Incised 3 stand girdle. Pubic tr
Project Editorial Status
●●●○○ Managing editor reviewed

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Ellen Belcher, Elizabeth Carter. "Domuztepe Excavations: DT# 1793 (Small Find)" (Released 2006-03-01). Stuart Campbell, Elizabeth Carter (Eds.) Open Context. <http://opencontext.org/subjects/13864_DT_Spatial>

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Editorial Description (2)
Domuztepe figurines with photos , (6,500 BCE - 5,500 BCE)

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Domuztepe Excavations: DT# 1793 (Small Find)
Stuart Campbell
Elizabeth Carter
Ellen Belcher
Elizabeth Carter
Open Context
Spatial reference inferred from containment in Domuztepe.
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