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Item: Finds Bag 1

Class: Sample

Project: Kenan Tepe

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Variable Value
Material Other
Date 2002-07-23
High elevation 590.411
Context BASALT,small find
Item Notes
Finds Bags, or KT bags, are groups of artifacts of the same material composition excavated from a locus. Each finds bag may contain a number of finds but finds are always separated by material. Thus, ceramics, bones and lithics excavated from the same locus were given separate numbers and were collected in separate bags. A special category is the "small find," which could be of any material. Small finds are generally speaking rare or exceptional finds such as figurines, loom weights, andirons or worked bone tools. Small finds are given separate numbers and are bagged separately. Finds bags could consist of only one plastic bag of material and could only be excavated on a single day.
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Tuba Gençler. "Kenan Tepe: Area D / Trench 7 / Locus 32 / Finds Bag 1 (Sample)" (Released 2012-03-28). Bradley Parker, Peter Cobb (Eds.) Open Context. <http://opencontext.org/subjects/05C70D1D-C790-4A74-ABFD-4E4188977069>

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(1,900 BCE - 1,700 BCE)

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Kenan Tepe: Area D / Trench 7 / Locus 32 / Finds Bag 1 (Sample)
Bradley Parker
Peter Cobb
Tuba Gençler
Open Context
Spatial reference inferred from containment in Trench 7.
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